Sadho, which literally means ‘O Sage’, is a voluntary organization
that aims at taking great ‘poetry to people’ through the innovative use of art, media and social action...


Sadho is a voluntary organization that aims at taking great 'poetry to people' from all walks of life, through the innovative use of arts, media and social action.

Sadho is based on the conviction that poetry should not remain confined to books and literary circles. It should reach out to all sensitive people who have an interest in other arts and issues. Towards this end, Sadho tries to create new ways of sharing, promoting and enjoying poetry.
Initiated in 2007, Sadho has set-up Asia's first poetry films festival, has introduced sign-language poetry films to India, organised workshops on poetry, painting and cinema and created art based on poetry, including poetry souvenirs and wallpapers. It also tries to encourage poetry among children by publishing their poems on the website and offers special screenings of poetry-films for children.

Sadho soon plans adding a new vertical to its activities - poetry albums. These would include recordings featuring some of the prominent poets from various languages.

Sadho functions as a not-for profit charitable trust supported mostly by the donations of volunteers and well-wishers. Its trustees and core team members are unpaid volunteers, and include people from various fields like literature, cinema, music, art, media and education.

Sadho, which literally means ‘O sage’, is the familiar addressee in the poetry of the great Indian saint poet Kabir. For us ‘Sadho’ is a call to all those with poetic hearts!

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  • SADHO AND YOU Sadho is a people's effort. It welcomes your participation. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can help us promote poetry. Here are a few suggestions on ‘How?’. Donate your...
  • Help us stay in touch with you... with poetry, updates and news about sadho...
  • A reading of his own poem in Bengali by a stalwart of Indian poetry, Sankha Ghosh and the text of its English translation by Shubhrangshu Maitra.

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