Sadho, which literally means ‘O Sage’, is a voluntary organization
that aims at taking great ‘poetry to people’ through the innovative use of art, media and social action...


A thing of 'utility' is a joy forever!
Souvenirs & gifts with memorable poetry. 
A collector’s delight! And unique gifts!

How about gifting your friends and dear ones, a piece of poetry!


Come to a Sadho event and pick up the Sadho Poetry Souvenirs, which include...

  • Poetry Mugs
  • Poetry Albums
  • Poetry Postcards
  • Mouse Pads
  • Badges



Posters by friends
Share a poster, artwork

Sadho & You
  • SADHO AND YOU Sadho is a people's effort. It welcomes your participation. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can help us promote poetry. Here are a few suggestions on ‘How?’. Donate your...
  • Help us stay in touch with you... with poetry, updates and news about sadho...
  • A reading of his own poem in Bengali by a stalwart of Indian poetry, Sankha Ghosh and the text of its English translation by Shubhrangshu Maitra.

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