Sadho, which literally means ‘O Sage’, is a voluntary organization
that aims at taking great ‘poetry to people’ through the innovative use of art, media and social action...


It is a rare joy to hear poetry in a poet's own voice. No amount of music, songs, sound design or recitation by professionals, can match the charm of listening to the poet's voice. 

The voice becomes a window to the poet's soul, a hint to the poetic nuances and a canvas for the listener's own imagination. These albums present, in the poet's speaking voice, the best and the most representative poems of his or her literary voice.


The first album of the series is a recording of poems by Kunwar Narain, a stalwart presence in contemporary literature and Hindi's leading living poet, in his own voice.

The Album comprises thirty-five poems in Hindi, selected from his six poetry collection, spanning over six decades. The recordings were done in the poet's study and at Mandra Saptak Studios, New Delhi, in 2012. This album also contains a booklet with English translations of twenty-nine poems by Apurva Narain.

Sadho is proud to present for the connoisseurs of poetry, this invaluable treasure of Indian literature, sharing with listeners the joy of 'shabda' in its 'shruti'.

From the Series Producer

Kunwar Narain is a poet, whose canvas is vast, palette rich in subtle hues, strokes gentle yet sure and a resultant image that becomes evermore a window beyond itself. His, is a vision, near transparent.

He himself, his persona and his poetic voice seem all in agreement with one another and together they explore, experience, express, so distinctively. His visions and insights are so personal that they at once become so universal, relating to each one of us as our own, individually. And that I dare say, is the mark of a great artist.

He and his poems, are powerful for they seek not to overpower. Like the little wave moistening one's skin at the edge of a mighty yet gentle sea; a light, almost soundless, fragrant breeze; a moist cloud that descends and envelopes without a thunderous clap, his poetry touches, refreshes, stirs and uplifts but never does it impose itself upon you. Through its uniqueness it brings you closer only to yourself. He is a connoisseur's poet but importantly a commoner's universal humanist voice.

And he wears his greatness light, as it befits a truly great. It may not be another matter then, that he is also always the wittiest person in the room. Our team always finds itself talking delightedly more about the person than his poems. I personally fail to differentiate between the two.

To me personally, he is an extreme introvert's replenishing space. He must be other experiences to others. That's why I say that the more I think of it the more I feel, that he is like the taste of water; a flavour essential, that defies and defines tasting; a vision transparent, that we are privileged dear listener friend, to bring to your eyes through 'the poet's voice'.

- Jitendra Ramprakash

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